Upside apparel

Upside apparel is located 209 Harbord Street in Toronto Canada in the heart of the Annex.

UPSIDE developed as a fashion concept rooted in an emerging global urban bicycle movement. Inspired by bicycle culture, UPSIDE creates men’s and womenswear for the urban cyclist.

Our clothing features classic and playful styles. If you’re meeting a friend for brunch or on your way to an occasion, you don’t always want to look like an entrant in the tour de France getting there.

When riding around we want to stay warm and dry in inclement weather. We began incorporating features such as water & wind resistant materials as well as cozy flexible materials such like fleece. We added also include vents in most of our coats and jackets for extra flexibility needed when riding a bike.

These important features are what set us apart but you could never tell because it is a subtle difference that on appearance is no different than other fashionable apparel. We made it more cycle friendly without sacrificing style

It’s not just about style it’s about a life-style. Riding your bike is healthy and fun way to get around and of course healthier for our planet as well. That is why we call it bikestyle. Look good and feel good getting there.

Also, because we value the environment, our studio and store is powered by Canada’s 100% green energy provider Bullfrog Power.