Derek Brunelle - Director & Founder

Graduate of York University's Masters of Environmental Studies Planning Program, with experience from the Pratt Center for Community Development and the City of Toronto Planning Division. Derek is passionate about equitable planning initiatives, specifically the ways that economic development and land-use goals intersect with community-led initiatives around employment, affordable housing, and transit access. Derek founded Toronto Made as an official non-profit in May of 2014. 

William Davis - Communications & Mapping

William Davis is a cartographer, data visualizer, and graphic artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Having a background in geographic information systems and graphic art, William is able to create visualizations that are both informative and thought-provoking. The power of an image to instantly convey a message is only increased by making that image statistically or spatially significant.

Neil Rantala - Graphic Designer

Neil is a graphic designer and consultant based in Toronto. He designed the Toronto Made logo and provides ongoing design support to Toronto Made's mission to bring greater attention to local manufacturers. 

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