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To join the Toronto Manufacturers Network and to be listed on our Toronto Manufacturers and Makers Directory, you must:

  • Make real, physical things.
  • Manufacture at least 1 product completely in Toronto.
  • Have at least one full time employee in Toronto.

Important info

  • At this point, the directory works as a posting page, and pages cannot be edited by members. 
  • Please include as much information about your business as possible in the form.
  • Logos must be square-sized. Non-square logos will not be considered and will be replaced with a generic Toronto Made logo.
  • Once your page is uploaded, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes our logo usage guide.

first - upload square logo!

A square logo allows us to add you to our visual directory. Non-square image files cannot be added to the directory.

second - fill out the form!

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