Featured - 3D Phacktory

3D Phacktory is a 3D print shop located at Dundas and Carlaw. The business began a two years ago after it's founder, Laurie Mirsky, decided to expand his career after years of working in the film industry. The location at Dundas and Carlaw has been important to his business as many of his 3D-printed products are used for film props and equipment in Leslieville's still-thriving film cluster. With several different printers and unique products being made, it seems like Laurie and his team at 3D Phacktory are innovating everyday.

What drew you to 3D Printing?

It seemed to me an interesting way to provide certain elements that we require in film all the time, and I began to think of a way we could bring high-end 3D printing to individuals that might not have access to it - inventors or makers, those working in creative fields who wanted to craft something that would previously only be possible through older manufacturing techniques. 

What are some of the things you've made here?

We've got prototypes for a number of companies. We've done prototypes for a number of inventors, which I call the "Dragon's Den Category." We've done adaptive pieces to be used in film productions. We've done art installation pieces, as well as marketing and advertising. This is a way to make things, to take a drawing and make a print at the end of the day.

What's next for 3D Phacktory?

We've moved into small-scale manufacturing where we've done limited runs of molding, we do finishing with ink as well, and we just keep adding printers. We now have a Conex 500 that blends rubbers and plastics, we now have a Makerbot Z18 to do test pieces on. There's a lot of new products coming out that haven't hit the market yet, which we're looking forward to.