We are proud to produce a line of "bodacious" balms free from synthetic chemical additives for face and body. All of our balm lines have a pleasant creamy texture that smooths into the skin. Made with timeless plant essences and carrier oils in a beeswax base, light scents incite rather than overwhelm the senses. All of our products are presented in fun, well crafted and eco-conscious packaging for the contemporary consumer.

At BEE23 we like to think of it as a space where life and the market collide to create products built with the tenacity of spirit and the goodness of our natural world. We put that extra bit of love into each of our products because we know the quality of what you apply onto your skin is of the utmost importance to not only your natural beauty on the outside but what is on the inside too! That’s why we offer products free of parabens, phalates, nasty petrochemicals and harsh synthetics. 

Our products are designed to support the natural beauty that you already have, while nourishing and soothing your skin. And because we value the ingredients that nature provides for us, you can rest assured that you're buying skin care products that are environmentally beneficial, too.